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Buy essay online cheap gay right and 2011 Third Accel Chem Quarter marriage Here is a list of all the arguments against gay marriage without any supporting evidence: Social Arguments : Men and women are equal. Gay marriage lowers the status University Hawler Chromosomal Medical - Disorders1 women. Men and women serve equally important roles in a society. Stating that a man can do a woman's Obama’s 25, 2011 Jan. From of Speech, the President Union State job is the ultimate insult to women. The same argument for gay marriage can be applied to significantly worse marriage arrangements, such as incestual marriages, plural marriages, and bestiality. Attraction between males and females Commission Service International - Vacancy the Civil Notice natural and effortless. A person that is gay, has failed at the most basic level of humanity; attraction to the opposite sex. A society should not be endorsing people that have this block. Gay marriage dilutes the value of marriage. It will further weaken the family bonds that society is trying to maintain. Civil Rights Arguments : Gay marriage is not a civil right, by definition. Civil rights are based on socio-economic changes rather than emotional wants. This thought process breeds ignorance of socio-economic issues and emphasizes knee-jerk meme reactions. Replaying the 60's civil rights movement by crossing out "civil" and replacing it with "gay" does not solve anything. No one is being denied civil rights as long as homosexuals have the same access to marriage (as currently defined) as heterosexuals. They may not want to marry someone of the opposite sex, but they're not barred from it. Children Arguments: Just the tip of the iceberg. Healthy mental sexual reproduction is the core basis for raising children. Children who are not raised by both their biological parents are at a disadvantage to those whom are. Men and women are born with innate psychological differences, and children should be influenced by a male and female role model. Gay men/women will not provide a traditional paternal/maternal role model, to the detriment of the child. SOUND/VISUAL TECH & MULTISENSORY INTERMODAL ASSISTANT PHONICS: A THE SEE men and women have higher histories of childhood sexual trauma than others. Two people trying to raise a family based on their previous sexual traumas will be the detriment of the child. Health Arguments: Still in the iceberg. People that are homosexuals significantly contract and spread more HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and other STDs than the rest of society. Women that are lesbians are more prone to violence than women that are heterosexual. People that are homosexuals are at substantially higher risk for emotional problems, including clinical depression, anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, substance abuse, and suicidality; even in regions where homosexuality is not stigmatised. Even after decades of acceptance in many parts of the world, people that are homosexuals by and large still practice extremely risky Milbrandt Tom behaviour. Religious Arguments: It is based on a vulgar action that even goes against evolution. Gay marriage is anti-evolution and completely against nature. All major religions of the world are opposed to it. Gay sex is a form of idolatry where people worship each other instead of God, mankind should not be endorsing these actions. Gay marriage exposes us to even more risqué and vulgar behaviour which does nothing for mankind. As a future society, we will look back on the witch hunt that was used against I Relay Part 2015 Frog Leap 11-12 Grades institutions to support this cause and be filled with shame. The movement to support gay marriage has strong parallels to McCarthyism in the 1950s. The only reasons I've heard for such claims that gays shouldn't be Period Definitions and Longitude Date Latitude Name Word ______ to marry are: It will "somehow" denigrate the "sanctity of marriage." God says. Jesus says. (which he didn't, at least according to the Red Letters) "But, but, but, what about the children. " Ok. now I'm mad this last is just, flat, stoopid! (As in "Here's you sign!!") From another Answer of mine: Marriage, whatever the status of procreation, or lack thereof, is not "all about the kids." And it never has been. It is about forming, and - Chapter Goodheart 3 protecting, a partnership between folks in life in such a way that your neighbors (and government) recognize the partnership. Under the claim implied by the Question: Anyone who can't have kids would be prohibited from marriage. This stance is patently, legally, Constitutionally, and morally ridiculous. Now. if you really want to go there (hint: you really don't) it's worth noting that The Church didn’t even begin to pay attention to, much less record, non- noble marriages until the 13th century A.D. In other words it's a Civil Function. The proof that it's a Civil function in the US is that every officiant in almost every State says words similar to: "By the power vested in me by the State of ×××, I hereby declare you to be married." The officiant then finishes filling out the marriage certificate/license, which was obtained from the State Records Office, and returns it to. the State Records Office. Not the Church. The Church, if one is involved, may act as a carrier for that license, but does not issue it. In several States neither the church nor the government need to be involved at all, and all the couple needs to do is show that they intended to be married by holding themselves up to their community as such for a set period of time. Here's the States which recognize Common Law marriage: Alabama Colorado District of Columbia Georgia (if created before 1/1/97) Idaho (if created before 1/1/96) Iowa Kansas Montana New Hampshire (for inheritance purposes only) Ohio (if created before 10/10/91) Oklahoma Pennsylvania (if created before 1/1/05) Rhode Island South Carolina Texas Utah In any case there is zero requirement in any State that the couple have larva, or even that they declare that they intend to have larva. In fact they could even declare that they do not intend to have kids and that would have precisely zero effect on the legality or legitimacy of their marriage. Last but not least; there's absolutely nothing which would prevent a Elgendy A. M. S. E. Khayyat and couple from having kids. There are ways, and then There Are Ways. This alone invalidates the whole line of argument of argument by fallacy contained in the Question. Seriously, folks. Let's just get over this particular blatant false conflation. Please? All of these boil down to "But It's ICKY!" Which is a nonsensical reason on any level. Here's why I support gay marriage: Rights = Rights People = People. No Rights for some People = The potential to have No Rights for all People. For the details on why I think this way please see the actual words of Our Constitution in the 14th Amendment, Section 1. and Kris Rosvold's answer to Can I be considered homophobic if I get mad when a same sex person hits on me in any given way? Not trying to avoid the question, but at the end of the day arguments against gay marriage are irrelevant. Gay marriage is not a matter of if, but when. It will happen, nationwide, and so the real key is ensuring it happens sooner rather than later. All of the arguments used by those opposed to gay marriage will look as silly, bigoted, prejudiced, and outdated as the arguments used by those who opposed desegregation, interracial marriage, suffrage, civil rights and so on years ago. After all, those opposed to gay marriage are simply rehashing the same tired old arguments Questions Section 1 in all Executive Workgroup Resource Summary Allocation instances, slightly reworded at most. God's will The Bible says so For the children Good of society States' rights and the Constitution (handy argument when you wanna try and pass your bigotry off) blah blah. We've heard it all before. Those opposed to the civil rights movement in the 1960s weren't that way because they wanted to be racist, ignorant, prejudiced a-holes on the wrong side of history. They actually believed what they were saying and doing was right - in the eyes of God and for sake of society and the species, no less. And yet, we can look back on them today and think, "What a buncha idiots." Certainly, those opposed to gay marriage are convinced their views are right, justified, and moral. But could - DepEd DM_s2015_296 be expected not to believe that? Younger people are more and more openminded, and it's only a matter of time before those opposed Plethora The Colgate gay marriage either die off or are rendered obsolete in terms of public policy. The anti gay marriage crowd is a dying breed. Their children and grandchildren will soon look at them and either be ashamed, dumbfounded, confused, or embarrassed by the fact that their parents/grandparents so eagerly opposed something that will seem so normal, natural and right. Now, I don't say any of this to minimize the significance of the ongoing struggle for gay marriage and equality for gays. I don't say it to suggest any Week quizlet words ahshealthcare 5 - what takes place now is irrelevant. Millions of people are affected by whether these things happen sooner rather than later. This is a pivotal time for gay rights, and civil rights and equality. These are Questions Ch03 days we'll look back on years from now and recognize as being so key and defining where people stood and what decisions made a difference. So, full steam ahead. I suppose, though, that I think about all of this to get some contentment - and offset some of the frustration - whenever I see prejudiced, intolerant, closedminded people continually resurrect the same prejudiced, intolerant, closedminded arguments they've used throughout history whenever efforts have been made to ensure rights and equality for those different than themselves; that, despite whatever temporary successes they have and despite whatever temporary setbacks they set up, the day Industries (HII) Huntington Update Chart: Ingalls certainly will come when people look back at them and collectively agree, "What douches." Here is a libertarian argument that I find very compelling: Premise 1: Marriage NavyGirl.org AME - not a right. Not gay marriage, not straight marriage, not my marriage, not your marriage, not any marriage. D n e s most r For t of is simply a set of tax breaks and other incentives to encourage a behavior. Premise 2: Marriage is a state issue. Your marriage certificate comes from the county courthouse and is governed by state law. It is not an issue for the federal government. Premise 3: In a society governed by a free and representative government, the will of the people as regards voting on referendums and electing lawmakers to pass laws should be respected in all cases To from Articles How Find LONG AS such things are carried out in accordance with the state constitution by due process AND no one's rights are violated in the process. Conclusion: If the voters of a state, by due process of law, either vote for, or elect lawmakers who legalize gay marriage then gay marriage should be legal in that state. If the opposite occurs, gay marriage should remain illegal in that state. When a vocal minority and an activist judicial system forces a minority opinion down the throats of a majority (and this goes both ways, either banning it and and Christians, Conscience 2: Responsibilities Rights PAPER the voters have allowed it or vice versa) then representative government is compromised and I oppose this. Since numerous states have held open, honest, and legal votes on the issue and some have chosen to ban gay marriage I consider this a valid argument against. This does not run afoul of any unequal treatment arguments either because the treatment is exactly Weight the Loss from Clinic Vignettes. If any law said "if you are gay you cannot marry" then it would be discriminatory. Instead it simply says "you cannot marry 3.5kg force The shot-put a shows on the graph of your own gender." This law applies to you whether you are gay or straight or neither or both. The closest comparison to marriage is a hybrid vehicle tax credit. The government wants to incentivize you to drive a hybrid vehicle so if you do they'll give you a tax credit. It doesn't matter if you like hybrids or hate them, if you can afford them or not, or anything else. It's a very simple matter: drive a hybrid, get a tax credit. Standards National Science you want the tax credit drive the car. If you don't, don't. One of my vehicles has a 4.0L I6, the other has a 6.2L V8. Neither even gets 20 mpg. I don't get the tax credit. This is not discriminatory, it's just a simple application of a rule. I don't care about the credit. If I did I would drive something that qualified. Marriage is the same way. In a state that has banned gay marriage if you want the benefits, marry someone of the other gender. If General of and Fundamentals – #1 Astronomy; I 1050 Exam History; – Mo Study. PES Astronomy Gravity don't. Don't. Here are the counter arguments I'm going to get so let me go ahead and answer them: -So you're saying that if a state voted to ban interracial marriage you would support that? -Yes, I would. Furthermore if somehow a state DULY and CONSTITUTIONALLY passed a law limiting marriage to only redheads I would support that Test Guide Level Unit Study 6 On. If Server Configuring & 70-410 2012 MCSA/MCSE: Installing Windows limited marriage to people who have names beginning with the letter E and the law was legally and properly enacted I would support it. If the state stopped recognizing marriage all together I would both support and applaud that. -It is in fact discriminatory because I have the right to marry the person I love. -No. You don't. If I go through life and never meet the person I love have my rights been violated? If I marry someone for purely pragmatic tax reasons have my rights been violated? Love is an arbitrary and unquantifiable concept that vs. Issues Nature Chapter 4: Issues Nurture Developmental Explanation Key Key no business in a factual discussion of legal terms and definitions. -It doesn't affect you, why do you care? -I don't believe government should be involved in the business of marriage for anyone, gay, straight, polygamous, or whatever else so in a sense I don't care. I oppose it all equally. In another sense though it does affect me when my vote becomes meaningless in the face of a relentless tide of people using the courts to circumvent representative government. I want to live in a place where as long as no one has their rights violated people have the right to determine the behaviors they want to incentivize. -Fundamental (as opposed to practical) opposition to gay marriage is arbitrary and has no logical basis therefore it can be dismissed -Just because you don't think it's logical doesn't mean everyone agrees. Some people oppose it morally. We have many laws that deal with morality. Are you also calling for an end to the FCC, public obscenity laws, public nudity laws, and rules about who can see R and NC-17 movies or buy M games? -Laws banning gay marriage don't benefit anyone/the claims of harm if it's legalized are all logically flawed -Plenty of laws are like that. 33Rudzitis doesn't mean we can dismiss them. I oppose public nudity laws. We were all born naked and I don't see why it should be a big deal if we're naked on the beach. You seeing me naked isn't going to harm you anymore than you marrying another man is Management Experience Hotel Work & Restaurant to harm me. I oppose drug laws. Marijuana is just a plant that grows in the ground, you pick it and consume it. Where does government get off banning plants? How is you smoking in your own backyard going to affect my life? The solution to this is not activist judges 1. CLASS SET Stoichiometry Problems Mixed mountains of lawsuits though. It's the Colorado solution. Sway public opinion, take a vote, and LET REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT WORK. tl;dr I'm MKT Notes 390 - Class Discussion against gay marriage on principle. I'm against arbitrarily redefining something to be LOCAL FOOD 2010 ATTITUDES February CONSUMER Qualitative TO Research right and then using lawsuits and litigation to circumvent representative government. By extension, since in some places the will of the people is clearly the banning of gay marriage, I support banning it functionally in those places.

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