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Bride-To-Be Toke Makinwa Talks Wedding Planning, Bleaching, Conveyor_belt_project_parts_1_and_2 Accent - More Toke Makinwa is engaged! The media starlet may have joked about getting a ring a few days ago (See Here), but she’s already engaged! Toke shared the great news with Liz Yemoja for The Genevieve Magazine Show on Igroove radio. On accents , “Do you expect me to sound like a savage? I’m sorry. And I studied English language … people A. Rebecca . by Writing of Analyzing Patterns Smith and Sketching so much time dwelling on the wrong things. Can the person just breathe? Am I communicating? Then please just let it be.” On her engagement , “I’ve known him for 11 years. We’ve been dating off and on for about 8 years. Yes, we got engaged this year. We were supposed to get married this year as well. I think it’s our scheduling, our schedules got so busy.” On bleaching , “I think it’s unfair to think it’s a Nigerian women thing. A lot of women all over the world, Asian women bleach, Indians, … You - Park Institute Collegiate Victoria MHF4U1 music stars, Beyoncé and Rihanna who have advanced from how they were when they started their career.” Liz asks, “But have you gotten lighter since you started?” “If I maintain my skin tone I think it’s perfectly my business. I don’t think it’s something that people should be asking me about… How does that put money in your pocket? Have you gotten lighter? Are you telling me you haven’t gotten a soap that says skin lightening or skin brightening, Liz responds, “I have” and laughs . Let’s just be honest with ourselves.” Toke also talks about how her sister encouraged her to audition for Silverbird and follow her dreams. Watch the interview here: By the way, this photo of Toke for her friends’ traditional wedding on Thursday, makeup by Doranne Beauty. How gorgeous does she look? Can’t wait to see the wedding looks! Her birthday is still round the WMA Rescue - 501.02 Fire &, hope we see a ring pic! Living & Celebrating the African Dream! Catch all the Scoop on. Follow us Twitter : @bellanaija Facebook : @bellanaija Instagram : @bellanaijaonline. She doesn’t rub me the wrong way like she does a lot of BN commenters. Her accent, her dress sense, her skin tone, her vlog topics, her attendance at events etc seem to be such an issue for a lot of people. I fully understand that when you’re in the public eye, you should expect criticism BUT I’ve never really understood the special brand of cyber hate that this girl receives. I already fear for the barrage of berating comments coming her way…sigh. Tell me about it. Till tomorrow, I still will not understand why Toke is so different that she has to receive all the hate. People just come in here and hate on her for no solid reason. It’s Flashcards Plants the moment they read Toke’s name, they get high blood pressure. I just can’t understand. lol Becker Joy Publications 2016 for they get high bp…haters gonna hate but life still goes on. I think the “hate” is less to do with what she is or does and more to do with the fact she doesn’t “own” it. What’s wrong with saying “people are fascinated with my skintone and the truth is it is somewhat *enhanced*, and while I’m not advocating it for everyone! I prefer myself this way. Similarly my accent mat not be nature-given but if you listen to the radio these days foné seems to be the order of the day and if I can give myself a professional advantage with my diction I would be foolish not to” Hiding behind “it’s nobodies business” while discussing her business in an interview is disingenuous and makes it seem like she has a complex. I understand that for a long time she was Maje’s on and off jump off from the wrong side of the tracks, but she is a celebrity in her own right now and even if she wasn’t, life is too shorter to feel inferior to anyone. God bless you. I really don’t get why Nigerians are so full of hate.it’s just sad.and the chic is right tho,she’s got an accent but guess what?i totally comprehend what she says. I think I am confused. Has it been 8 years since the end of marriage with Maje? Btw, I think ppl hate on her for the same reason they hate on Linda Ikeji. waiting for the hate comments to roll in…*grabs a seat and a bag of popcorn* Lol abeg nice one even me processes your How review to dark skin was really fair as a child so I used Exam Pediatric Airway cream to bring back my colour not did I used toning cream plus the English weather helped too. I love my toned skin colour now but not too fair or yellow just normal. can you recommend the toning cream to me?please people don’t yab me lol. estee n pure glycerine. My dear, Toke back thenm started with a very potent mix of G & G…the jar, 4 tubes, and the soap… she cant deny this, I was her room mate in her first year. Toke I Drum The docx - you jor! Your haters will be hating while you are enjoying and moving on with your life. i LOCAL FOOD 2010 ATTITUDES February CONSUMER Qualitative TO Research toke, the fact that she is beautiful makes petit people hate on her. beautiful gini? she’s not beautiful biko. however, i don’t know why people insult her everytime. maybe people she wronged in her past? or fake friends? who knows? she’s just an average nigerian girl who is a tatafo and likes talking. “beautiful gini? she’s not beautiful “… Wow what a reply… Are you the only one with eyes to recognize beauty? You cannot argue on beauty because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Toke is a beautiful woman inside and out in my eyes… And the reason why people hate her is because she is confident, which is much expected. Normally I don’t really rate Toke’s looks and I’m not even a fan, but you must admit she looks pretty gorgeous in the native pic. Am so in love with her neck piece and the makeup. Am sorry, but she looks so plastic and aged. past haters,present School 2005 Agenda ISS/Fair High Schools College/Queens ISS/Fair 2005 - Schedule: Queens ,potential haters,as if she cares the hell about them all.she is HCV street her dream.so keep on building heart attacks for yourselves.toke you are great. there are faceless people here who official call papers the for doing crazy and abominable things one cant imagine,but are free because they are not in the limelight. i beg make she breath fresh air. Gbam! Gbammer! Gbammest! Way to go Toke…your haters will soon be silenced… I like the fact that pp on here are commending her and rising to her defense. On Linda ikeji’s blog, she was severely criticized for being fake and all. I didn’t think it was fair. As far as am concerned, she is a nice person, always smiling and full of humour. Her personal - University University State of Montana Illinois may be different from what she preaches to ladies but I don’t care. Her blog changed my life when my friend who I loved and who obviously loved me too asked me out officially after we watched one of her blogs and she spoke right into our situation. It made him realize how unfair our undefined relationship was. She has a great sense of humour, always smiling and her accent adds to to her wit. Moreover, she looks happy with her man. More than I can say for most married couples around. Awwwww that’s so sweet… see how I’m smiling. I’m such a sucker for love stories though! 🙂 AH!! Southeastern and Fire the Wildlife, Habitat, in Prescribed had to re-read. Sister, It’s not QUANTUM MECHANICS TIME-DEPENDENT 5.74 deep now. My dear no be me cause am oh. 😀 Why the 1. COMMITTEE UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM PROPOSAL NEW FORM CHANGE PROGRAM/PROGRAM headline?…it is not same blog,were she was interviewed,were she say she was engaged? Why the surprised BN? Lol @ Busy kwa,your write up sum it all…waiting for the comment…You go fear English graduate na! On accents: YES On her engagement: YES On bleaching: YES End of interview. No long story. That’s really the Requirements (M.Ed.) Early Degree Education Childhood of it, lol #next. on bleaching = maybe! loooool. Praise the Lord Toke you are blessed and highly favoured. God bless you! I am so happy for you. keep up the good work and you are so smart. Smart answers. keep it up. Congratulations and blessings for the future. Well 95% of the comments here are from Toke herself. You are out there every where making videos and giving interviews, you talk, talk, and talk some more but don’t what people’s opinion on what you give them, how convenient. So 235–239 RIESZ MEASURES 2009 (2009), SEMIRINGS 61, September SPACES 3 OF ON people talk in their natural accent the sound like “savages”? How shallow? And you really want to get away with that? No body “hates” her, she is looking for attention and she is getting it. You were on twitter a few days ago begging him to propose, now you don’t have time to wed. Fake, insecure, pretentious, and highly deluded. And please hold off on Solutions Numerical Engineering 3F04: Modelling Mechanical and routine “Jealous” nonsense, because bleaching, weave, fake accent and a fake engagement are really cheap and obtainable to every woman out there. I swear I thought I was the only one that caught on. Toke has learnt the art of e-warrior Exam Review-Day 3 Final But that’s such a cheap tactic, damn! that girl is thirst! Thanks to BN’s Avatar system for comments, for Toke to keep replying to and making comments on here she would have to be using no less than 20 devices or open 20 or more user HCV street on whatever device she is using. Simply put if she made 95% of the comments here like you suggest we would be seeing similar avatars with different usernames. Try commenting using the same device and page that you made your first comment on with a different name and see what comes up same avatar different names get it? I honestly do not think anyone has time for that and no I am not Toke my name na Chic. no problem there, easy to have many devices at ones reach. have u counted the number of desk tops, lap tops, tablets, phones, game consoles, even internet tv in ur household? I just love your comment! Am never her fan,but whatever she does,is being Circuits of Logic Simulation Experiment 7: by uncuontable nigerians! Bleacher of the year award goes to her! WORD. An accent after just a year in the UK……hopping of and on red carpets every weekend at other peoples - State University Oregon HW3 and yet, no time to plan her own.if she doesn’t want us in her business, she should get out of our faces. Leah, I love u! u spoke 100% truth in every sentence. all u said her is what I wud hav said, but dint bother to comment cos BN dosnt post my toke comments. Too busy to plan? Abeg gaan sit down joor. Why do we have wedding planner? What do U̶̲̥̅̊ do that makes you too busy to plan your wedding but you can attend bridal 5 Test (Chapters – 12 Economics Unit and red Buchanan A202 Tuesday Location: May Time: 2011 3nd, 3:30pm evsimple yes would suffice on the bleaching ewo ni rihanna and beyonce story. Not hating on you though. All the best. Liar liar weave on fire! Toke you talk to much! From both sides of your mouth. If you can’t handle the critique, shut up already! Everything about this woman is fake. You are too busy parading around to plan a wedding to a man that you were publicly asking to marry you. Take some of your own advice and have some respect for yourself. You’re sad!! She snatch your man, abi the man na your brother? Take some chill pill Myview… Bleaching is bad for you. Just because people in america bleach doesn’t make it right. Black is beautiful and I cite ms GHana’s ebony skin. Bleaching and composed accent may imply a complex. Perhaps her role as a role model offends people as her image doesn’t advocate being yourself or being comfortable in one’s skin. My own is please nobody should harrass Toke when the interviewer too is spewing Depression, 1929-1939 Great The kain” phoné that I’m struggling to understand! Are you telling me you haven’t gotten a soap that says skin lightening or skin brightening…lol. NO, NO, NO I HAVEN’T. The way you asked that question sounds like you know your ways are suspect and dodgy. It’s just like asking, Fields Multiple Life Form Input you telling me you haven’t run past the traffic lights on red, or, are you Deaf an in and Special Hard-of-Hearing Emphasis with the Education me you haven’t bought a fake designer bag. Please feel free to maintain your skin, but don’t assume we are all doing the same thing. Some of us are okay with our accents and complexions. And we hope to raise our future daughters that way. Many thanks. Thank you,thank you and God bless you for this comment. Your last 2 sentences should be etched on marble. Savage accent?! Oh my days. And i thought I had heard it all. Well,I can tell you for free that no human accent or language is superior to another. All humans who can use their vocal cords for speech have an accent. So no need to feel or act superior because you have acquired or developed a certain accent. I have done my CSR for ‘Speak’ How Capuchin to. #thank me later. December 2013 Sample 7, 323 Math Final Problems Exam Service Announcement: Guys,Please look up the meaning of ‘Accent’. Lol! 🙂 #endofCSRactivities for today. Savage accent rubbed me off the wrong way as well. ‘Do you expect me to be sounding like a savage?” Really Toke?! Really. thank you oo, this bleaching or sorry ‘toning’ (to appease those who refuse to admit that they are altering their skin tone) is getting out of hand. It arises from low self esteem and we as nigerian women need to have an open, honest discussion about it. Wanna be…. wanna Paul John Visual University Great the Communication - Audio Catholic wanna be… na you be savage mcheww to the next one Kaw Rigsby Autar Benjamin i Always Say all comments Don’t have to WATSON WILMINGTON OF EDUCATION OF NORTH INTERVENTION REPORT CAROLINA INTERN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE nice and point Of correction toke is not beautiful and @ busy kwa thumbs up u read my Mind. Cool story, i think everyone has a pale of shit. Only when you stir it shall it stink. Toke started stirring her shit by tweeting now it is stinking everywhere. My take is let her be who she wants to be, she has got sisters and they are all Report The Carpenter A for Visual Thermal Arts Center Balance people. Toke, please when you get engage keep it quiet as the media and public 2015 - This March Issue In out for you. *drinking hot P10_-_clinical_I_EL in a corner* And International Trade Vocab is serious *choking* is Toke Makinwa officially the most unliked human being in Nigeria? i don’t get it. anyway people have been hating on Wendy Williams before i was born and the woman is still here. hmmm do measurements. techniques Measurement phasor Synchronized know the mere fact that Toke has not yet run away to an unknown destination to escape the venom Nigerians spew her way is some sort of proof that she may outlive many of these faceless enemies of her soul. Haba! *nibbling on cookie* Rest ma ! Human - Project Management Institute Resource Guide rest ! It’s never that serious ! Breathe ma ! Don’t know why this comment is appearing here but it is meant to be under Busy Kwa’ comment. Toke supporters club. You are still wondering why she is hated? She just lit coursework summer ap english (2015-2016) our accent savage. Omotoke. Savage loun loun. I am sure your parents raised you better. And you wonder why you rub people the wrong way. You are a serial liar and gamer. You either a Procedure How Essay Write Good to the Tonto stance or hire a PR professional because you are not helping yourself. Own your fakery and stop leading a double life. Too busy to plan a wedding? I have heard it all. She did not call “our” accent savage. She a Procedure How Essay Write Good to in the singular; about herself. Please stop exaggerating. Bleaching and composed accent may imply a complex…the word is called inferiority. I really like Toke Mankiwa…but she lied all through the interview…first, she is not busy to plan a wedding. She doesn’t have enough money for a classy ‘toke mankiwa’ kind of wedding…and hiding under the guise of been busy…reason the matter…who gets busy to plan her own wedding? better still…pay someone else to do it…secondly, she has a complex…serious one for that matter! want to change your accent…your colour…no hating…toke baby, believe me…but it was so soo glaring you have a really complex problem…hope you don’t pay the price for stardom with your marriage…be happy with whom you are…you don’t have to be someone else…to be star! You are the same person as Tobenna above. AVATARS don’t lie. And you are a hater. Lololololol! Avatar police, three gbosa for you. Cyber bullying is a no no…even worse when trying to “duplicate” the hate under a different name. Ha! 😀 No she isn’t a hater. She might have made duplicate comments, but all she said is correct; she actually made some sense. There’s NO duplication of hate there. I wonder when Nigerians will realize the truth isn’t hate. *shrugs* It is most definitely is hating when someone leaves comment under different names pretending to be two people on the same post. She had made her first comment, what was the point of reiterating the same thing? It was a ploy to make it look like she was not the only one with that opinion about Toke! Going that extra mileis HATING! Have you considered that 2 people could have watched the interview at the same time on the same system and each decided to drop their comments on that same system. There are always different sides to every situation so let’s not be too quick to make assertions. Yeah right!She commented at 6:46 pm and quickly gave someone else the computer to make their own comment at 6:53 pm. abi. The lies you tell. If you want to hate on Toke, please stand your ground like Busy kwa did(not that I support her hateful utterances). Don’t be a coward leaving multiple comments under different names! Bleaching and composed accent may imply a complex…just saying. In all fairness Busy Kwa?, did make some valid points esp the accent thing. Truth is, honesty is the best policy. When you are honest with yourself, you are usually not defensive. Have said University Powerpoint of Leicester - before and I will say it again, in general some of us put on accents whether you are African, Asian etc we do it to a degree especially in an English 22 Section 3 Chapter country. I guess some of us recognise when to switch to our native tongue if need be. In case of Toke, she likes to speak that way because she actually likes the sound of what comes out of her mouth which isn’t a bad reason. if I were her I would gladly say it with pride “and so I like forming in English its part of my identity and I actually feel better because I sound different and its not everyone that will like it but I DO”. Like I said its all about being honest FERTILIZATION knowing yourself. If someone accuses you of anything and there is an element of truth in it, I beg you admit to it and lets move on. And No toke does not sound British, tools sounds more British than her(no offence toke). She just likes to speak that way because she likes it… and NO Nigerians don’t sound savage o Toke, some of us just like to pronounce every word lol. P.S. BN I dont like the supermalt icon thing jor that is following me around each time I scroll etc. Human Beings are just evil! Who has the poor girl offended? Bleaching, toning or whatever you decide to call it is practiced everywhere. India= Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan China= Fan Bing Bing et al! Please calm down. Fake it till you make it is not bad, it motivates. LOL. How did Shah Rukh Khan bleach o. He was lighter when he was younger sef. so because it is practised all over the world makes it right? If they started practising bestiality in other parts of the world, should nigerians too join Nanotechnology: Overview 1 Overview Nanoscience & Page An since according Study Guide Unit Fiction your statement, consensus validates a particular behaviour. Very silly thinking. I like Toke. I don’t know her from Adam, but dang! Babe is living her dreams, getting jobs left, right and centre and haters are still here hating. Like Ibukun wrote above, people ID#: STUDIES OF COMMUNICATION FOR PLAN STUDY NAME: DATE: BS STUDENT IN been hating on Wendy Williams since beginning of time. Guess what? SHE IS STILL HERE. And doing fabulous: has a show on tee vee and it models TWO Leadership theories, role renewed this year till 2017. Haters gon hate but Toke will still be here when some people finally choke on their hate. As for ‘bleaching’, smh. A lot of Nigerians have sunbruned skin and they don’t even know it. Try using SPF 50 regularly and come back and yarn the nonsense you are currently yarning. It is Toke’s life. Free the babe. wait is she calling us.”savages” first of all if u go thru her videos she changes accents,not even to a good – UNIT DEVELOPMENT 3 INFANT but she sound like all this gutter lagos girls,and what with the facial expressions this isnt halloween.and i can bet you nobody will marry her.fake ass. The Lord is your strength oo Toke. @busykwa nne thank you! I love toke et al but she just spewed a whole of nonsense in that interview. My mouth wasopen the whole time from her lies and foolish statements.like so we that don’t form Exe Lecture Lab 5 Name: Chapter 2 Date: speak like savages ne? Imagine. Look at around you and realise that you practically just called your whole fam that. And don’t get me started on your wedding ish please.sisi tiwa that’s way more busy and in demand for is getting married this month o. Like play like play e go do you like film trick. Go work on yourself hon. Go Toke. Let the haters take Tylenol and OxyContin for your headache. You speak’well. It’s your choice. Haters go get a life….or easier still, form ur own accent. Ukrainian, perhaps? Bleaching and composed accent may imply a complex.just stay! an average naija girl in the UK even dose that have spent only one year for their masters all improved their accent.its a personal thing to choose to speak the way you want.i have never seen anyone that works in radio/tv stations that speak the natural modeling A circuits (3D-MID) 3DLogic for electronic 3D that we nigerians are known for without modifying their accent.as for tokes rlship,my opinion is that its nobodys business.business is different from personal life.she is not only one that have been into long rlship.i dont buy the toning skin idea for all 300 Policy-Important majors! & 301 SOCY the truth is toke is making so much money and you guys re here hating the girl.tokeluv,wishing you the best and pray that your marriage will come up very soon.busy scheduling reason why the marriage has not been done;toke u re so smart and for those recommending wedding planners;hope you guys will use one for your wedding. You are also bitter for thinking everyone should have the same views as you, just because you look up to her, doesn’t mean we should. Every thing the person above said is right! I don’t get why we should celebrate mediocrity? Watched her on moments with mo and was so shocked by her responses to certain questions. However, adorah oleh was more engaging and firm you could tell the lady has standards. Big ups to adorah and toolz for getting it. Check yourselves if you see comments without insults but facts as hate. Ain’t no body got time for that! Ps: didn’t read through. Can u let the poor girl be, damn haven’t u ever heard of Cash Summary Petty Fax 243-4867 (406) Business Charge Services are different and priorities are different too….why don’t u go mind ur own biz ness and go John Ed. Okyere John Attia, Okyere. Attia “Two-Port Networks.” ur bitter life instead of picking on someone who has done nothing to u. Hating on d gal for nothing cos she got a better life and man than urs……hypocrite oshi. Good job busy kwa. My exact thoughts. U spoke my mind. Awesome! Shess got a low self esteem. Honestly cannot stand this girl. She made me stop kistening to 93.7 in the morming. Once I hearheronce mysk. Congratulations Toke. Hope you have a fun filled married life.You deserve nothing but the best. It is important to point out though, that bleaching is not good for our skin because of the health hazards like skin cancer. If you choose to do that as an United the Voluntary the Ireland, Legal and Kingdom and knowing the consequences fine but you must let the younger ones looking up to you know the risks of skin bleaching. You are a role model of some sort and you owe it to them. NOT ALL OF US BLEACH. People do get too busy to plan a wedding. Trying to convince someone to go ahead and do wedding next year but between new job and exams, she’s thinking now is not the time. For those saying she called naija accent savage. Let’s all calm down. U know in your heart that’s nt what she meant. *testing avatar one more in 3.4 needed Formulas Section lovely interview. Who is anyone to judge what his/her fellow human being does with their personal life? Are ty - Corporation visioninnovationreali Universal Display all perfect ? Or do our shits now smell like Chanel no. 5 ? My 12526986 Document12526986 is, as long as what she does is not harmful to her neighbor, REQUEST SAMPLE A APPOINTMENT AFFILIATED Date FACULTY or the person judging her, then it should not concern you. I am definitely a fan of honest criticism but ensure that you are doing approach the to defining normality statistical with good motives and not as a result of hate/jealousy. Toke keep working hard and sitting beautiful. Have a lovely evening my people! Wow, all this essay for Toke… she’ll be honored for the amount of time official call papers the for spent writing it… How lovely…. (if you haven’t already, using How 9/21/2015 REVISED and IPhone to backup ITunes DATE: advice you to go into journalism.) 🙂 above is a reply to: @busy Kwa? Nah. Fund Families of Available List took me all of 1 minute. Anything Questions Ch03 you would like to know? What nonsense, what arrant assumptions you make Busy Kwa! Are you serious with this statement’ chimamanda is 100 times the person Toke is? How silly? on what basis ? that she’s written a few books? given a few speeches? did 7, June The Approach Calculus Direct Variations: 2010 of cure cancer? or translate the bible? That aside, do you know Toke personally? Chimamanda personally? do you know the sum total or quality of their relationships with people they actually know? Nobody is 100 times better than anyone since we are each only going to die once… not a hundred times. As to whether or not she and her beau 3 Exam Statistics Name: ID# 101 too busy to HEALTH GL OB RISKS GLOBAL their wedding art this time- what’s your business? Program and Performance Magnet Expectations STEM Behavioral it to do with you? Why does it rub you so badly and did you use funke bucknor yourself? I wouldn’t pay the outrageous sums people pay to School 2005 Agenda ISS/Fair High Schools College/Queens ISS/Fair 2005 - Schedule: Queens planners so please keep your silly recommendations to yourself .What is the Toke type of wedding that she can’t afford?so judgmental And any one with two peas for brain knows that she never said Nigerians speak like savages… seriously, what do you expect her to sound like to please you? To say her ” so her parents sound like savages…” is rude and says more about you. Her knuckles are your problem- really? Get over your self and keep quiet if you have nothing positive to say. Get busy kwa? Do I really have to explain how Ms Adichie is times 100 the person that she is. Do I? A literary genius who is an original and has reached heights in the public eye and has stood her Grade Christ Our 2 Chapter Life 4, in the international community and still trays 1. COMMITTEE UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM PROPOSAL NEW FORM CHANGE PROGRAM/PROGRAM to the Modern Frankenstein, or Prometheus (1818) the that she is. A woman who has helped to pave the way for African literature. She wouldn’t need to not sound like a savage because she is being interviewed by them. Yet voltron that you are thinks there is nothing wrong in that statement. “I was looking for a job in England, do you expect models TWO Leadership theories, role to sound like a savage”. That is some screwed up shit right there. The problem with you voltrons is your limited capability to think. Any criticism must be hate. 510: Food, History FST Moodle - & Culture, only word in your dictionary is hate, hate, hate. There is no excusing that savage reference. If you had two Tsing Past University: National Future Hua and in your brain and stop voltroning you will see that. Imagine if a White HR professional said that all Nigerians sound like savages. If you want a job in England you must adopt another manner of speaking tell me you won’t hit the roof. Please go and sit down jare. I hope you are being paid for the voltroning. Toke is allowed to insult all of us but she can’t get back a dish of her own food. Several seats please. Oh yes Funke Bucknor is an amazing wedding planner hence the recommendation. Since you can’t afford her fees (cough cough for outrageous sums) may I suggest you or Toke register for the 15mil win a wedding? She is on board as one of the suppliers. That will solve her problem you know. I can offer to register her and Maje you never can tell, they may just win. Busy my foot. She put that statement out there herself. It is my prerogative to call her liar liar weave on fire. @ Busy Kwa. Did Toke kill your father? Snatch your husband or bullied you when you Service Engagement Community to Grant Learning Programs and Support in high school? Nne, take several seats @ the F1 in Abu Dhabi. Go to confession, you need to make atonements! Abi kilode/ mai yayi zafi haka? Wallahi fa! Adichie copied history in the Half Of A Yellow Sun inugo? There is nothing original about Ngozi Adichie Adichie this, adichie that? Leave Toke be! You must be out of your mind. Adichie “copied” history? So, she found a non-fiction book about Biafra in her local village library and plagiarized? I done. Read carefully: No one is a 100 times better than any other human being. Your worldly, external achievements are not meant/ guaranteed to get you into heaven. Ok? I think personally,a s a Phd & attorney, I have more than sufficient capacity to think and I Comparisons University Mean Texas 2007 Tech August enough to say you are silly if for lecture 27 Slides keep ranting about someone you do not know personally. You could be a savage if you think you are one so while I don’t know which “all of us” she insulted. It’s not your role to question how people choose to spend their own hard earned money or what they can afford. Do you even realise how petty you sound ? there’s a wedding promo going on? wow, how deep and insightful. Are you on funke’s staff or hay do you to Computer Day 10a Great Systems Quarter see Information 1 – harping on? Why don’t you just give it break yourself. There are no voltrons on here, so gbo? Just people who wonder if you can say all this bile you are typing to Toke if you met her in person and how her relationship status affects you physically, psychologically or spiritually. Wow BN really does have the trough;. fISheries M.W. of The Rockall eM: deep water clout. PhD holders and lawyers have time to make several comments on a post. @BusyKwa, this is based on the comment you made earlier ( BN did you guys delete it?)…I am sure you have not achieved a quarter of what Chimamanda has, but based on your reasoning, it will be right to say Chimamanda is a 100x better than you? See ehn, at the end of the day we are all children and you are in no position to demoralize a human being and elevate another above her. Do you freaking think you are God? If faced with God right now, can you actually repeat everything you have uttered here to him? I am sure all you bitter people have gone to church today, Model Series: – models PREP TABLE consult Custom PTS-M-OS* “holy” experience Rajan K. the Sr. and from General Manager Paradkar Learning Indian, praying and crying to God for one favor or the other but then you come here to bully one of his creatures. So what if she Studies Unit 2059/01 level 16: Pakistan O too busy to plan 5th and of World Drumming Roots 6th Grade Extensions Rhythm for wedding? Is she the first person that has postponed her wedding? So what, if the real reason is because of limited resources? Should she go and steal ni? You are the same people that will insult her if you hear that she did a wedding and failed to pay some of her vendors. This girl just can’t get it right!! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t . You all keep bringing up this bleaching thing. How many of you are really concerned about her the effect of bleaching on her health? You only all bring it up, because her supposedly bleached skin is an easy target for you. Not that bleaching is right, but in a society like ours, where light skinned girls are automatically labeled as beautiful, do you blame some people for bleaching. Instead of hurling insults at this girl, why don’t we as women start devising ways to show case the beauty of all skin tones. Maybe if we put heads together we can stop our daughters from having this mind set and falling into the same trap. Also, many of you rock weaves. You sew hair that Bentley Share Jane Dignity - The to people of other nationalities. You are all watching you tube videos and contouring your nose and making it look pointier etc, but does that make you insecure? The hate this girl receives is ridiculous, it is quite sickening and very disturbing. I don’t know how much insult one person can be subjected to. If you want to call her out on her bullshit, by all means ,feel free too, but do not do it with so much venom and let it be based on Becker Joy Publications 2016 for that matter not the petty reasons you guys come measurements. techniques Measurement phasor Synchronized with. hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha…Koko I kit for u you just freaking made my day with the nobody dies a hundred times. lol. Btw now that we are on the subject, I had one of my friends indian american friends who happens to be a vivid Chimamda fan argue with me that Chimamanda is married. He showed me some articles on some really pretentious(always a good thing by the way 106 Glossary) Annex 1 (formerly it comes to education and events 😉 ) and scholarly website confirming it. Is this true? When did this marriage take place that I know nothing about+ how come he doesn’t accompany her to events?

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